S5 Biostatistcs…..30 CE hours…$63

Take this course and test to:

  1. certify that you qualify to take a full college biostatistics course.
  2. show that you have basic biostatistics skills.
  3. review your biostatistics skills.
  4. earn 30 CE continuing education hours for nurses and other professionals.
  5. use new skills in your profession.

To take S5  Biostatistics: 

  1. Study the subject via a textbook, online Google searches or an open university course below.
  2. Take the online open book test at the end of this page.
  3. If you get 75 %, pay online $63 and print your certificate. 



Study the linked course here and then take the linked test at the end.


Course originally by John McGready, Introduction to Biostatistics. JHSPH OpenCouseWare, http://ocw.jhsph.edu. Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Background for the course  S05

Research Resources NHLBI Programs & Initiatives

NHLBI programs and initiatives designed to stimulate research in targeted areas.

Genetics and Genomics Programs


Clinical and Population Studies



NHLBI-supported resources to facilitate research in specific areas.

Genetics & Genomics


Translational Research


Trans-NIH/HHS Programs and Resources

Programs and Resources that may be of interest to NHLBI researchers.

Signs of Spiritual Wellness

  • Development of a purpose in life
  • Ability to spend reflective time alone
  • Taking time to reflect on the meaning of events in life
  • Having a clear sense of right and wrong, and act accordingly
  • Ability to explain why you believe what you believe
  • Caring and acting for the welfare of others and the environment
  • Being able to practice forgiveness and compassion in life

TEST 7514

TEST 7514 for 30 CE hours course 
Click here to take the test online and make payment, and to print your certificate.