The Klimes Institute  offers online continuing education (CE courses) to nurses, pharmacists, and other professionals. Our course categories include ethicsdrug abuseend-of-life-carepreventive care  and statistics. Our courses are available any place, any time, 24/7. Our goal is to help prevent disease and foster health.


All these courses have been moved over to

How It Works

    1. Select one of our online courses and study it. There is no separate registration.
    1. Take the open-book test and pay online via your credit card for the CEcourse.
  1. If you score 75% or more, print your certificate on your printer 24/7.

30 Hour Courses   $63 each

We offer 30-Hour CE courses for $63 each. These in depth continuing education online courses cover a series of related topics, and have open-book tests at the end. (The 3 Hour CE courses are $21.)


Klimes Institute is ACCREDITED by the  DC Board of Nursing, 50-18433 to 12/17/2017, and the DC Board of Nursing Assistive Personal, 50-18433, to 12/18/2017 all with reciprocity in AK, IL, KY, LA, NV, and certain other states.


 Take Klimes Institute courses and tests to:

  1. certify that you qualify to take full college professional courses.
  2. show that you have basic research skills.
  3. review your skills.
  4. earn 3-30 CE continuing education hours per course for nurses and other professionals.
  5. use new skills in your profession.

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